About Us

                                                                                                              A picture of LeoCor CEO Tre Forte. In the photo he is wearing a watch and smiling while sitting in a diamond studded chair.


Leo Cor” is the Latin derivative of "Lion Heart" and is a theme that was inspired by our CEO, Tre Forte. In life we all go through trials and tribulations that define our character. It is our heart, in which we find the will to get through tough times. We believe looking good is a factor that correlates with feeling good. You should feel good in your skin AND in the apparel/accessories that covers it. We encourage you to be CONFIDENT, as confidence is a key variable to success. Our chains, necklaces, watches, bracelets, leggings, shorts, tops, etcetera are all the icing to the cake that allows you to "Stay confident, stay blessed, and well dressed."