About Us


 “Leo Cor” is the Latin derivative of "Lion Heart" and is a theme that was inspired by our CEO, Tre Forte. 

Meet Tre Forte, the dynamic CEO of LeoCor, a visionary leader in the world of fashion and fitness. With a passion for digital marketing, Tre's expertise has propelled LeoCor to new heights, establishing it as a prominent brand in the industry.

A former college football player at Ohio State, Tre's dedication and discipline on the field have seamlessly translated into his business ventures. Beyond his athletic pursuits, he has graced reality TV screens as a star on CBS and Netflix's Love Island USA 2, capturing hearts with his authenticity and charisma.

Tre's talents extend beyond television, as he has also made a mark in the world of entertainment. He's showcased his acting prowess in the Amazon Prime Video movie "Paper Line" and continues to explore new horizons in the entertainment realm.

Driven by innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Tre Forte's leadership is shaping LeoCor into a brand that seamlessly combines fashion, fitness, and entertainment. His journey is an inspiration, motivating others to pursue their passions fearlessly and embrace every opportunity that comes their way.

 "Stay confident, stay blessed, and well dressed."